Merging man and machine with AI solutions)

IT infrastructure built for AI can crunch big data sets and run deep learning models, but humans still need to interpret the results. The tools are in your hands. Are you ready to put them to work?
AI Application Development
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We reimagine Artificial Intelligence to build next generation applications that drive business innovation and transformation to a whole new level. AI blends intelligence with state-of-the-art technologies such as natural language processing, machine learning, video analytics, etc. that help in streamlining business processes through automation and providing immersive customer experience while achieving their utmost satisfaction level.
At FlexuswebSolutions , we're sponsored by way of a passionate team of experts who have wonderful know-how and capability to comprise synthetic intelligence with cognitive era to serve your modern-day enterprise packages for full spectrum of industries along with Analytics, large statistics, IT generation and others. Our offerings are designed to assist the organizations acquire sustained commercial enterprise increase. We offer AI answers that empower enterprise increase with the aid of reducing hard work and infrastructure value.
  • Understand

    Our professionals deeply analyze and understand the records that includes photographs, motion pictures, audios and unstructured textual content.
  • Reason

    Our Problem solving method includes proper planning, reasoning, inference and simulations to get preferred outcomes.
  • Learn

    Utilize use of device mastering procedure for enhancing concern-remember information and meeting the goal of your apps and device.
  • Interact

    Beneficial for growing next gen interfaces like chatbots that may interact with the give up users.

Accelerate Business Transformation with AI

We help the businesses leverage maximum AI opportunities positioned between systems of record and systems of engagement.
  • Process Automation Achieve operational efficiency leveraging cognitive technology with faster and accurate decisions.
  • Artificial Intelligence We see artificial intelligence evolving from the existing systems tot tomorrow's systems that think, learn and adapt.
  • Knowledge Based System Mine vast amount of data to generate quality leads, optimize workforce & grow your business.
  • AI as a Service (AIaaS) IoT deployment for cost savings, efficient business processes, new income streams and happier customers.

AI Services Offerings

Delivers advanced services equipped with hi-end technologies and competent engineering techniques. With our deep insight on artificial intelligence and cognitive technology, we envision and develop the next generation AI solutions and consulting to accomplish diverse industrial needs to grow business to next level. Our managed AI services encompass fraud detection, automatic patching and backup. We work across teams to build rich enterprise grade AI applications.

How Artificial Intelligence Works?

With synthetic intelligence, a system is imbued with intelligence to emulate the unique reasoning faculties of the people. that is known as the system studying in which system is conferred the capacity to study. that is achieved via the usage of algorithms that generate insights from the available information to be used via the packages for future choice-making and predictions. Deep learning brings synthetic intelligence closest to the goal of allowing machines to learn and think like humans. Deep learning is a subset of gadget mastering that falls within synthetic intelligence. artificial intelligence lets in computers and machines to characteristic in an intelligence manner with the use of neural networks.
  • Data Preparation
    /Get data
    Design, Experiment, Formulating business problems.
  • Data Analysis &
    Create reports, dashboards, surveys and presentations for data-driven analysis.
  • Classification &
    Allow systems to automatically learn and improve from experiences(Machine Learning).
  • Predictive
    Predict trends and behavior patterns with analysis of structured and unstructured data(Machine Learning).
  • Artificial
    Simulation of human intelligence processes by machines and computer.
Domain Expertise
With our strong understanding of Artificial Intelligence and cognitive technology, we develop the solutions with AI capabilities for different business verticals including legal, healthcare, finance, healthcare, E-commerce, Banking, Retail, etc. We will add a layer of intelligence to the system to handle complex analytical tasks faster than a human can.
  • Chat Bots Build efficient interactive chatbots that answer your customer's queries by giving quick and efficient responses that improve sales and cut cost.
  • Video Analytics Efficient automated solution comes with useful features like face detections, person tracking, video analytics for CCTV camera and vehicle detection.
  • Smart Kiosk Smart kiosk system with AI for improvising retail experience by providing fast and reliable option for scanning products that include checking the validity and other related facts.
  • Retail Analytics Our innovative retail analytics solutions leverage advanced AI technologies like beacon, location tracking, mobility analytics and IOT to boost business growth.
  • IBM Watson Use IBM Watson for developing intelligent applications for different business verticals like telecom, retail, healthcare, etc.
  • Azure Cognitive Build apps based on Azure Cognitive for Android and iOS to improving business workflows and customer experience.
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