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Flexus Web Solutions(FWS) offers a bespoke, powerful and professional social networking platform with many advantages suitable for businesses and other organisations of all sizes, globally.
The Flexus Web Solutions(FWS) Social Network Core provides a trusted environment for your employees and alumni to find and stay connected with your organisation and to each other. It will help your people find hidden skills and know-how, encourage collaboration, recruit the right people, retain the best and brightest and develop new business.
  • Social Integration

    Social Integration

    Get high organizational performance and expanded corporation agility with social integration services. It ensures reduced development time and optimization rate.
  • Strategy and Consulting

    Strategy and Consulting

    We Contain analytical competencies that track how clients engage with social-media platform. experts assist customers to outline what they want to perform.
  • Corporate Reputation & Compliance

    Corporate Reputation & Compliance

    Our flow-functional specialists apprehend the importance of company way of existence and adhering to a code of ethics, for building their unrivaled popularity.
  • Community Solutions

    Community Solutions

    Interactive net websites provide low-charge connectivity to small companies and budding marketers. It acts as a device for client courting management.
Our Social Networking Features
We combination present day capabilities for building social network internet programs which might be user-exceptional. contemporary functions of the social community packages optimized as in step with your strategic and middle commercial enterprise requirements.
    • Member Registration
    • Member Login
    • New Class Entries
    • Main Functionality Section
    • Search Feature
    • User Profile Module
    • User Reply Module
    • Edit User Profile Module
    • Blog Post Module
    • Manage Favorites
    • Mail Box Module
    • Search User Module
    • Group Gallery Module
    • Group Category Module
    • Show Module
    • Admin Module
    • Mater Admin Module
    • Topic Admin Module
    • Content Management Module
    • Audio & Voice Call
Our Expertise
Appropriate layout technique to assemble interactive and vivid apps is decided, particularly in a move-platform surroundings wherein multiple efforts may be underway concurrently.
Social Networking Application Development
We expand custom social networking solutions through going for walks with era and integration of social networking software program as part of its offerings. Portal improvement designs are progressive and at the same time, laced with search engine capabilities.
Why Social Networking application With Us
Latest technology tools and platform are used to generate interactive and user-friendly social media that can be optimized as per your strategic and core business requirements.
Low Cost Build interactive and engaging social media website development & design at low cost.
Easy to Manage Get easily manageable, user-friendly, innovative and flexible social networking apps and portals.
Time Savings Timely delivery of social network development services is assured by our experts.
Complete Control Customers have complete administrative control to constantly improve and upgrade social media apps.
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