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Our Commitment to Privacy

This segment of the website is for our users and customers to understand about our entire functionality and working mode of the business. We appreciate an experience with us to be a positive and long lasting one. Hence, We intentionally used to provide quality services / products that our customers can confidently recommend to others. We'd be glad to assist you, if there's any queries about our products, services, or business.

Privacy Statement:

We value your business, and respect your right to privacy. Our web site is a safe environment for anyone who visits or purchases from us. We use the information you provide accordingly and keep you updated of the use or purposes. We do not share this information with any outside parties except to the extent necessary to complete your project.

Delivery Policies:

Flexus Web Solutions offers the services in project development cycle. The project is delivered digitally. Refer to the download link or the URLs on your confirmation / approval for activation instructions. Once you confirm the project delivery through an email message or fax statement, we close the same at our end. At the same time you are request to do the change with the required secured information that have been used by us during the project development cycle. After that we are no longer responsible for any kind of online consternation.

Return Policies:

If you're having trouble with our products or services, we encourage you to contact us. We take pride in the same and want you to be happy with them. If you have any query, please put forward -- we're always there to assist you!

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